We're committed to restoring freedom and peace of mind to the vacation rental host.

We’re passionate about cleaning and so is our team of experienced cleaning specialists. Our business focuses entirely on Airbnb, VRBO and short term rental cleanings. We are Airbnb hosts ourselves so we know how critical it is to get a glistening clean space which is a major key to getting a glowing review from your guests and ensuring future bookings.

Providing Speckless Airbnb Cleaning Services

We help you run your Airbnb rental property by designing a cleaning session that meets your property’s requirements. With regard to the difficulties you face in juggling cleaning and maintenance visits for your property, DreamStay has designed a service that helps negate some of your struggles with the help of our skilled Airbnb cleaners.


Every property cleaned by DreamStay has rigorous quality control protocols. Our housekeepers assess the property’s requirements and check with you for any extra details so that when your guests arrive, everything is in mint condition—looking and smelling as good as new.


Keeping your short-term vacation rental unit adequately stocked with necessary amenities and other supplies is an important part of ensuring guest satisfaction and in turn, ensuring positive reviews and ratings.

Before we leave, we make sure to make note of low supplies so that the next guest always has enough amenities.


We follow our strict hospitality guidelines, procedures, and protocols. Our housekeeping team is constantly trained to ensure your guests have an immaculate experience. From the way towels are folded to how wine glasses are placed in the kitchen.

What's Included

We utilize hotel grade cleaning solutions along with EPA approved disinfectants. Our cleaning services included:

Microwave Inside & Out
Make Bed w/ Fressh Linens
Sweep and Mop Floors
Vacuum Carpet and Rugs
Dusting All Surfaces
Wipe Countertops
Wash, Dry, Put Away Dishes
Bathtubes / Showers
Fridge Inside & Out
Oven Inside & Out
Polishing Mirrors
Toilets Sanitation
Garbage Removal
Replace Garbage Bags

Why Choose Us?

  • Our system gives you the ability to track the cleaning service, condition of the home after guests check out, be aware of low inventory items, etc.
    • Share your iCAL from all marketing platforms (Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com, etc…)
    • We sync with our software to book cleanings automatically after each check out and before each check-in (You won’t have to reach out to us each time even last minute bookings)
    • Cancel bookings anytime if you want to handle a cleaning or have family over.
  • We clean 365 days a year!
  • Partner with DreamStay and never worry again about no-shows, hiring or training housekeepers.
  • We give you peace-of-mind by alerting you right away if your property has sustained damages from unauthorized pets, smoking, parties, etc.
  • Our professional teams can clean one or all your units anywhere in Orange County. With our scalable pricing you save more when we clean multiple properties.
  • Consistent & Reliable: Our in-house cleaning professionals are trained to achieve hotel level cleanliness.
  • Processes & Standards: We help you exceed guest expectations by implementing superior cleaning procedures and techniques. We inspect your property (where it’s visible) and report any damages or missing items.
  • Dependable: We guarantee the cleanliness of every unit. Our teams are equipped with EPA approved products and proper PPE. DreamStay cleaners are fully licensed, bonded and insured.


What are we and what we do?

Guestable’s Virtual Manager service is the first modern full service remote property management offering of its kind. Similar to our Full Service Manager program, we will learn everything there is to know about your property, have our Listing Managers and Pricing Analysts continuously optimize it on the major booking platforms (Airbnb, HomeAway, Booking.com, VRBO, Expedia), and our Guest Experience Team will run the entire day to day operations remotely. The only difference is that we won’t actually handle the ‘in person’ component of your short term rental operation. That means you will be responsible for ensuring your place is fully stocked with everything your guests need and that if a lockout occurs you have a good backup system in place. We’ll still coordinate cleanings and house repairs with your cleaner(s) and maintenance contacts to save you time. Our Virtual Management service is perfect for clients who want to take advantage of our multi-channel optimization and day to day operational capabilities while still managing some aspects of their rental. It’s also great for clients in markets which Guestable doesn’t currently offer Full-Service Manager. Contact us today to learn more about Virtual Manager.

Listing Management

Building you a perfect listing is just the first step in the optimization process. The goal we set for every property is to rank your property on the top pages of the major booking platforms (e.g. Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway, Expedia). Our Listing Managers collaborate closely with our Pricing Analysts to continuously adjust booking settings on each platform (e.g. Airbnb, Booking.com HomeAway, Expedia) and get the perfect mix of reservations throughout the year. Each booking platform has strengths and weaknesses which need to be built on or taken into consideration. Leveraging the strengths while overcoming the weaknesses is what makes a listing perform at its maximum potential.

Developing a perfect listing is both an art and a science. After we get a better understanding of your goals and your property, we’ll put together a listing strategy for each booking platform to attract your ideal guests. Every detail on your listings sends a message to prospective travellers and how that message is crafted can be the difference between good and great financial returns. The strength of our listing development is a result of years of analyzing patterns in guest preferences and making adjustments to achieve optimal search rankings, views, and conversions.

Price Optimization

We use a data-driven approach to to execute on a dynamic pricing strategy for your property that allows you to get the most out of your place. Our pricing analysts leverage historical data and real time information on local events, hotel room availability, flight data, conference schedules, and of course the short term rental market to set your prices over the short and long-term. We adjust prices every day as new data comes in to ensure you sell at the highest rates possible. Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised at how much they are making and we believe our price optimization offering is one of the biggest reasons for their success.

Guest Communication/Check in/out process

Providing guests a seamless check-in / check out experience starts from the moment a guest inquires about your place. Learning more about their travel plans, providing clear directions, and adapting to their schedule is central to a smooth arrival. Our goal with every guest is to make them feel as though we will do everything we can to accommodate them. Guests love feeling like they can always ask a question and get a quick response, especially in time sensitive situations such as when they are about to get on a plane. Our global team members are always available to ensure check in / check out go well.

Cleaning Coordination

To satisfy top guests, a property needs to have a professional housekeeping team that is focused on perfecting the turnover process. Getting top reviews on each platform requires housekeeping staff to have great attention to detail and to understand it’s about more than just having a spotless place. We coordinate with cleaning professionals in your local area who are determined to get the job done right every time. We virtually train them to follow our processes, fill out our checklists and send photos of the completed unit to ensure perfection. Each cleaner will be instructed to view the place from the perspective of a guest who has high expectations, perform checks for damages, ensure replenishables are well stocked, and do an inventory count to make sure essential household items and back up sheets and towels are available for the guest.

Maintenance Support

Things happen, it’s life. We can’t always control if something breaks down or stops working. What we can control is the response time and how we go about bringing a timely solution. Guests who pay high nightly rates expect hotel level service and a maintenance team that’s available even at odd hours is essential to providing that. Our handymen and women as well as our carefully selected network of local specialists are all trained on the guest experience and are committed to making sure everything in your property is in working order. Some clients want us to coordinate with their own maintenance contacts when issues come up and we are happy to accommodate this request.

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